flying without wings...


                       everybody is looking for a something 

                              one thing that makes it all complete

                               you will find it in the strangest places  

                         places you never knew it could be 

                       some find it in the face of their children    

                                    some find it in their lovers eyes   

                                   who can deny the joy it brings       

                              when you have found that special thing   

                                          you're flying without wings   

                                    some find it sharing every morning   

                                           some in their solitary lives

                                        you'll find it in the words of others

                                       a simple line can make you laugh or cry

                                        you find it in the deepest friendship

                                             the kind you cherish all your life 

                                        and when you know how much that means

                                             you have found that special thing    

                                               you're flying without wings            

                                           so, impossible as they may seem 

                                           you've got to fight for every dream

                                          cos who's to know which one you let go

                                            would have made you complete

                                                    ...........well for me it's          

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دوست من ... قصه ای که می گی برام آشناست ... وبلاگتو خوندم ، وبلاگت آشناست هر چند تا حالا مهمونت نبودم ... مثل مردن می مونه دل بريدن - ولی دل بستن آسونه شقايق .


When GOD says YES , he gives you what you want. When he says NO , he gives you something better , BUT ! When he says WAIT , he wishes to give you the best .


بازم انگلیسی ؟!!! اینم بمونه اینم بمونه.